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Since the late 1950s, the Belco Athletic Laundry Equipment Company has provided schools, colleges and pro sports teams with outstanding washers and dryers designed to efficiently and safely clean their athletic uniforms and apparel.

Belco athletic washers & dryers have controls to protect costly athletic uniforms & gear.  More game uniforms are ruined by commercial laundry equipment than on athletic playing fields!  Over 70 Pro Teams have purchased Belco Equipment… Even the Pro’s can’t afford to keep replacing ruined game uniforms. 

Belco is the “Basis of Design” on most school laundry bids.  We have sold machines to schools and colleges in all 50 states and have provided laundry equipment to 1,200 schools in just North & South Carolina, alone.  Belco Athletic Dryers are like no other in the world!  Other brands do not meet our specs.  It is important to note that all laundry equipment is NOT the same.  You might find a lower price, but you won’t find a better “Athletic Laundry” for your school than Belco!