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Belco Dryers Protect Your Athletic Gear & Uniforms

Our laundry machines have controls designed specifically to protect costly athletic uniforms & gear.  More game uniforms are ruined by commercial laundry equipment than on athletic playing fields!   Over 70 Pro Teams have purchased Belco equipment… even the Pros can’t afford to keep replacing ruined game uniforms.

Belco Athletic Laundry Equipment is the “Basis of Design” on most school laundry bids.  Unfortunately, we have lost bids based solely on price.  It is important to note that all laundry equipment is NOT the same.  You might find a lower price, but you  won’t find a better “Athletic Laundry” for your center than BELCO.  Other brands are simply no match.

belcodryercontrol-300x173Only Belco Athletic Dryers have specialized athletic controls clearly marked:  Game Uniforms  – 100o Practice Uniforms  – 140o and Towels  – 180o .  The lowest temperature setting on standard commercial dryers is 140-150 degrees, which is too hot and will destroy expensive game uniforms.  BELCO dryers use very low heat but compensate with more airflow.  Increasing the airflow safely speeds drying – not heat!

You should be very careful when laundry dealers claim that their equipment is equal to Belco’s.

– William N. Beall

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