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belcodryercontrol-300x173BELCO Dryers have controls designed to protect costly athletic gear & uniforms.

The lowest temperature setting on standard commercial dryers is 140-150 degrees, which is too hot and will destroy expensive game uniforms.  BELCO dryers use very low heat but compensate with more airflow.  Increasing the airflow safely speeds drying  not heat!

Only BELCO Athletic Dryers have specialized athletic controls clearly marked:

  • Game Uniforms – 100 degrees.
  • Practice Uniforms  140 degrees.
  • Towels 180 degrees.

BELCO Dryer Features:

  • AGA/CSA Approved safety tested.
  • Available in gas, steam or electric heat.
  • Large door for easy loading & unloading.
  • Simple, all-automatic controls.
  • Easy to clean lint filter.

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