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How Long Will Belco Washers & Dryers Last?

Over the past 40 years, I’ve been asked about the life span of our Belco Athletic Washers and Dryers. For years we advertised, “The average life of our laundry equipment is 20+ years; however, it is not uncommon to find some washers & dryers over 30 years old.”

In 2004, we serviced a dryer at Sedgefield Middle School in Charlotte, that I personally helped carry into the school in 1962. I found it hard to believe this dryer lasted so long. The coach joked if we condemned his dryer, he could get a new one. The dryer was installed on 4/26/62 and was replaced on 2/1/04. Officially, this dryer was in operation 41 years 280 days and held the record as our oldest Belco machine… until recently.

Coach “E Z” Smith of Concord High School retired his 1967 Belco Washer in 2003, but declined our offer to sell him a new dryer. “No Sir!” exclaimed Coach Smith, “Our old dryer ain’t very pretty, but works just fine.” On 8/8/09, Coach Smith’s 1967 dryer turned 42 years old. He can now claim the record for having the oldest Belco machine still in operation. When the record was broken, we offered Coach Smith a brand new dryer for free. He declined stating, “Thanks for the offer, but I’ve never had a game uniform ruined in my old Belco dryer and I think we’ll keep it for right now.”

On 8/08/15 his dryer celebrated its 48th birthday and is still going strong!… and our offer still stands.

If routine preventive maintenance were performed on all Belco washers & dryers, most machines would last 30-40 years. Unfortunately, most School Maintenance Departments are understaffed and overworked. A school electrician explained, “We no longer have time for preventive maintenance…all we have time to do is put out fires!” We have made many improvements to our washers and dryers over the years. I feel our equipment is better built today and should last even longer than previous models.

Before you decide to retire your washer or dryer, please call us. We will provide an honest evaluation of your equipment. Perhaps it will be only a small expense to repair, instead of paying thousands to replace. When Belco technicians service your laundry equipment, they make the necessary repairs and always provide the much needed preventive maintenance. This extra effort will add many years of life to your machines. We take pride in the longevity and proven reliability of our equipment. For service, please call 704.543.6061

– William N. Beall

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